7 Most Interesting Easter Traditions around the World


5. Beware Greeks Throwing Pots

Due to the fact that Easter is the most significant holiday in the Orthodox calendar, dozens of festivals are held in Greece during Easter time. If you are eager to see the most interesting and weird traditions of this country, you’d better go to Corfu where the citizens throw their pots and crockery out of the windows.

You should be extremely careful while going near their houses as it can be dangerous to your health. You can witness this strange tradition on Easter Saturday. What is the origin of such an unusual behavior Greeks demonstrate every year? Unfortunately, you will not find any clear explanation of this odd tradition as there are several theories concerning it.

For instance, some people claim that by throwing pots out of their homes they reject Judas, while others believe that this tradition will help them to get rid of evil. The rest of Greeks are sure this custom symbolizes the change of the season so they must be ready for spring and summer without old things in their houses.

6. Reading Detectives

I think this is the strangest Easter tradition I’ve ever heard about. Even if you are not much interested in Norway and its culture I advise you to get more information about this unusual custom. Do you know that in this country Easter is a bank holiday celebrated for 5 days? All the shops and state offices are closed at this time.

Consequently, Norwegians stay at home with their families and they can’t find any other way to celebrate Easter but to read plenty of detective stories. You shouldn’t expect to see anything different on TV these days because crime thrillers are frequently broadcasted on every channel. And finally you’ll be surprised to see juice or milk cartons with printed mystery stories on their sides.

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7. Egg Knocking

It is typical of most Christian countries to practice the lucky egg game on Easter. To my mind, this activity is worth trying in every family, especially if you have kids, as it will bring them joy and pleasure.

For this you need to take hardboiled eggs and try to break them in all possible ways. If you have an unbroken egg at the end of this game, you will be lucky and happy throughout the next year.

Every country performs this cheerful tradition in its own special way and this game has different names around the world. Though, egg knocking or egg tapping are the most widely used words for this activity.

Certainly, these are not the only Easter traditions that are observed all over the world, but they seem to be really surprising. As for me, I usually prefer to celebrate this great holiday with lots of chocolate and my favorite sweet and delicious Easter bread.

How do you celebrate this special event? Are there any Easter traditions you practice with your family? Which of them is your favorite one?