10 Winsome Ways to Boost Your Christmas Spirit


10. Build a snowman

Building a snowman may look like a fun activity for children, but who says you can’t enjoy it as an adult? Dress warmly and head out to build a snowman in your front yard.

Building a snowman on your own can be a bit boring, so invite your neighbors or friends to help you and have a great time together. Dress him up and add a carrot nose, then jump on a sled and enjoy a childhood pastime for a while. Finish up your chilly afternoon with a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows when you get home.

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Christmas cheer may take time to show up, but if you provide plenty of opportunities, it will. Don’t focus on everything you have to do, focus on the actual season. You’ll open yourself up to more when you allow a little down time in between the shopping and cooking.

What’s your favorite way to boost your Christmas spirit?