16 Simple Ways to Improve Your Body Language


Table of contents:

  1. Don’t touch your face
  2. Use your hands
  3. Slow down
  4. Keep your whole spine straight
  5. Lower your drink
  6. Don’t stand too close or too far away
  7. Mirror
  8. Keep a positive attitude

9. Don’t touch your face

To tell the truth, touching the face (especially the nose) when speaking with someone is one of the worst habits that I’m trying to break. It’s hard to break, but I know I have to do it to improve my body language. Touching your face makes you seem nervous, and it’s distracting to the people in the conversation.

10. Use your hands

Instead of scratching your face and fidgeting with your hands, learn to use them more confidently during a conversation. You can use your hands to describe something or explain your ideas. However, make sure you don’t use your hands too much or be annoying and distracting.

11. Slow down

This actually goes for a lot of things. If you’ve got used to walking fast, try walking a bit slower. This will make you appear more relaxed and confident. If someone addresses you, turn your neck a little more slowly.

When speaking to someone, don’t speak too fast. Speaking too fast indicates a lack of confidence and can increase the chances you will be misunderstood.

12. Keep your whole spine straight

Many of us stand and sit with a straight back in a great posture. But, many of us don’t understand that the spine ends in the back of the head, so we often crane the neck forward. Keep your entire spine straight to have a better posture and look more beautiful and confident.

13. Lower your drink

Keeping a drink close to your chest is a sure sign of insecurity. Don’t hold anything in front of your chest, as it will make you seem distant and guarded. So lower your drink and hold it about belly button level a slightly out. This will make you look more confident.

14. Don’t stand too close or too far away

If you want to give off the right signals, pay close attention to the distance from others. If you stand or sit too close to the person when speaking, you might be marked as ‘in your face’ or ‘pushy’. If you stand too far away, you might be marked as ‘offish’.

Observe how close all the other people are to one another and if you notice that someone back away when you move closer to them, pull back a little. Every person has their own personal space, which we should never invade.

15. Mirror

If you are trying to improve your body language, mirroring can help you. Sometimes when we get along with someone, we begin to mirror one another unconsciously. If your interlocutor leans forward, you might also lean forward.

Or, if they hold their hands on their thighs, do the same. Just don’t overdo it. You don’t want to mirror each change in body language.

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16. Keep a positive attitude

When you feel positive and confident, it comes through in your body language. That’s why it’s so important to keep a positive and relaxed attitude when speaking to someone. In fact, when it comes to body language and communication skills, your attitude can make a huge difference.

It may take a lot of time and patience to change your body language, but it’s well worth it in the end. One of the most difficult things to change is to keep your head up if you’ve got used to looking at your feet. Eye contact is highly important in any situation. Work on these body language bits daily, and you will definitely better your body language.

If you don’t manage to change something, don’t just give up. You will reach your goal and improve your body language no matter how hard it will be and no matter what others will say. Remember, I believe in you. Are you going to use these ways to change your body language?