9 Important Things to Know When Dating a Player


7. Sweet lies

They say that liars need a good memory. Even professional and charismatic players usually become tangled in their own lies. Telling lies is not the best way to hide something. To recognize a liar try to observe his behavior.

While talking to you he avoids looking into your eyes. His stories always have different details and sequence. He takes a long pause before answering your questions. He gets irritated and defensive when you take a keen interest in his business.

Moreover, if you caught him lying to you before, there is a higher chance he will repeat the story. Of course, these signs are rather subjective, but most of them really work.

When you are in love with him, you might not notice his sweet lies. If you are blind with love pay attention at least to what your friends say. They aren’t charmed with a player. Trust and confidence are the core components of any relations.

But can you imagine building a strong, happy family with him? If you suspect him at the beginning of your relationship, do not cherish hopes that he will change. Liar is the state of mind. Consider this important thing before continue with the dating.