7 Tips on How to Deal with a Mean Girl


7. Try to know her better

If you have a chance to know a mean girl better you may find that she does not hate you and she acts as a defense mechanism. So try to understand her. Perhaps you will not take her insults personally if you know that she is not that confident and self-assured as she wants you to think. It may not be easy for you, but understanding of her reasons will certainly make easier for you to cope with her, just don’t forget about the kindness. Maybe one day you will have a normal relation with the one who made your life a mess if you act wisely.

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You may have met mean girls before and you may meet them in the future. So keep these tips in mind, just in case you will meet one. Choose the best way of dealing with bullies, try all of them, find your own ones, but do not let anybody upset you. Stay calm, be wise and believe in yourself and you will be able to cope with any problem on your way. If you have any other tips, please share them with us.