3 Grocery Shopping Apps That Will Save You Money


3. Apples2Oranges

Apples2Oranges is a price comparison and unit conversion calculator. Do you compare sizes and prices before you decide which bottle of bleach to buy?

For example, a gallon of bleach costs $0.99 while a 5.5 gallon costs $5.49. You immediately whip out your calculator to see which bottle you get more savings from.

If you shop like that, Apples2Orange is your perfect shopping companion. Just enter the size and price of each item and hit compare and you will instantly know which one is better.

You can also use Apples2Oranges for your diet to compare calories, sugar and anything else on the nutritional label. This app is also free.

With these apps, grocery shopping can be easy and fun! Do you know any other apps? Please share in comments!

Photo: swipenow.com