10 Great Ways to Use Essential Oils


10.  First Aid

Build your own natural first aid kit using a combination of antibacterial and healing oils. One drop of ginger oil diluted in one drop of carrier oil such as olive oil makes an effective cure for headaches and nausea when taken internally.

Tea tree oil is wonderful for minor cuts and scrapes, and lavender oil mixed with water is ideal for insect bites, sunburn and itchy rashes. A drop of lemon oil mixed with a carrier oil provides relief from colds and congestion when rubbed into the chest.

Carrier oils are vital when using essential oils as they dilute the oil and help the skin to absorb it. You can choose from many different carrier oils such as vitamin E, olive oil, almond, jojoba or coconut oil.

Always test the mixture on a small patch or skin before using to make sure there is no redness or inflammation. The vast majority of oils are hypoallergenic, but you should exercise care when using on animals, children or pregnant women.