10 Kid-Friendly Halloween Party Games


4. Anatomy of a Monster

It’s a classic and wildly fun Halloween party game that lets your little guests use their creativity to the fullest. Set the tone for the game by telling the story of the mad scientist and his evil laboratory where he keeps all the body parts to build monsters. For the sensory part of the game you’ll need several bowls and a box to fit over each. Cut a circle in the top of each box so that kids can get their hands through to feel the ghoulish body parts. You can use these items for the various body parts:

Brain: Cook a head of cauliflower so that it’s a little soft or use a large peeled tomato. Eyes: Peel and freeze some grapes. The cold and slimy feeling will surprise and delight kids. Heart: Use a lump of uncooked liver. Intestines: Use lasagna noodles that have been cut in half lengthwise and left to sit in water to make them slimy. Hair: Damp yarn. The itchy feeling will really have kids wondering what it is. Hand: Use a plastic glove. If you want the flesh to be rotting, fill the glove with gelatin. If you want the illusion of broken bones, fill the glove with crushed ice. Nose: Use a pickle or a big prune. Ear: Try a dried piece of fruit such as an apricot or apple slice.

The game starts after all kids have felt all the body parts. Now let kids guess what each body part really is! This game is a fantastic Halloween party starter!