To the Girl Who Has Never Been in Love


In whatever way you found this open letter, I would like you to read it. I mean really read it, because it is for you, dear, the one who’s starting to think that maybe love is just fantasy. These words are for you by someone who has been there too:

You are not alone

So many other beautiful souls are out there, in search of something they secretly fear they might never find. Old and young faces alike stare hopefully into the tides. The lure of love bobs in front of you, but you can’t take hold of it just yet. Do not jump blindly into the ocean without knowing what is underneath the waves.

Do not rush blindly into love

It does not matter if you have never been in love yet. Plenty of people go through the same thing every day. You are not some anomaly in this universe. You are simply, positively you – and love works within each individual mysteriously. Sometimes love needs to mature in order to be felt.

Or perhaps, you need to learn what love really means before knowing what it feels like. Some people are granted the love of their lives immediately. Most of us are forced to undergo a gauntlet before emerging victorious. But every trial is going to be worth it.

The prize at the end of the dungeon is an intangible, priceless treasure that will illuminate the darkness and fill every hour of the day with stars. Because love is indescribable. Everyone knows love differently. Yet, we can all see it in the world around us.

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Open your eyes to the love that exists within you

You might feel like no one wants to love you, even if you show compassion in turn. Every time you unlock the door to your heart, nothing but vermin comes in. You might have considered signing up early for the crazy cat or dog lady starter kit and moving to a remote island in the Pacific.

Keep the animals, but do not distance yourself from possibility. Love first needs to happen from inside your own heart. So, if you let your heart grow numb, do not expect to find true love elsewhere.

Love yourself, and you will be in love with the world. See the power of love in every tree and blade of grass, in every laugh and tear, in every man, woman, and child on this planet.

True love will never give up on you, even if you give up on it. True love will find you someday. That’s the way it works.

Love is not really like a classic Disney movie

You see, love is not really like a classic Disney movie. Love is more like The Princess Bride. We deal with a lot of Humperdincks and stand before many false altars before the person who captures every ounce of us storms the castle walls around our hearts. And you know, they just might be a Dread Pirate or Black Knight.

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So chin up, Buttercup. If you have never been in love, do not get discouraged. Don’t get impatient. Enjoy the single life. Use it to build yourself up. Travel the world. Meet thousands of people. The more open you are, the more the universe can pour its light into you. As I said before, if you love life, you will see that energy return to you from every direction.

Your time will come, I promise. Stay strong.