10 Fun Christmas Activities for Children Ages 3-7


10. Take some pictures together for a scrapbook

This activity is twice entertaining and fun. Taking photos is always merry and lively for kids as well as for parents. You will capture the most precious moments of your holidays together. And then you can gather altogether and create a fantastic scrapbook where you`ll store all the photos taken during the holiday seasons of the year. As the time passes you will have a lot of scrapbooks on the shelf, which will hold all the photos in order and they are always really fun and interesting to look through and to show to your friends.

We as parents should encourage and motivate our kids to develop their skills, acquire new ones and use all of their imagination and creativity. Holiday season is a great opportunity for you to spend more time with your kids then in ordinary days. So I think these tips will give you some new ideas on how to spend unforgettable holidays this year.