7 Foods to Eat for Lunch to Avoid Overeating at Dinner


7. Greek yogurt

There is a wonderful opportunity to have a healthy lunch for those who prefer dairy products. Greek yogurt can be suitable for your tastes and body’s needs. But don’t eat yogurt instead of lunch. Combine it with other foods. Today you can find so many varieties of yogurt at the supermarkets. Sometimes you are even confused, not knowing which one to choose.

My recommendation is nonfat and plain yogurt. Greek yogurt will supply your body with a considerable amount of proteins, making it easier to burn calories, feel calm and control the level of blood sugar in the body. There are two main proteins in Greek yogurt, whey, and casein. With their help, our body can stay full and energetic for a longer time. I promise that at dinner time, you will not be starving. For instance, I often combine Greek yogurt with a huge salad. This food always keeps me full during the day. You also try!

I can definitely say that if you eat all the foods mentioned above at your lunch regularly, you will boost your body’s energy. But the most important thing is that you will contribute greatly to your health. By eating these food products at lunch, you will avoid the risk of overeating at dinner. Starchy and high-fat foods at night will not be your choice. In such a way, you can prevent yourself from gaining extra weight. Tell us what foods you usually choose for your lunch to stay full and healthy during the day.