10 Flattering Colors for Olive Skin Tone


10. Mustard

Finally, to round off our color wheel for those with olive skin tone, don’t forget that classic, mustard, whether as an accessory or a main article of clothing. With its mixture of yellows, browns, and greens, mustard plays off many of the best color choices for this skin tone. The underlying shades in your skin will be highlighted and enhanced any time of the year.

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The above is an excellent guide for those with olive skin to enhance and strengthen their natural loveliness and luster. Please note, however, that, just as two people never have exactly the same skin tone, the same color eyes, or the same shade of hair, no two people will look their best in any one color or set of colors.

Thus, whether you have olive skin or fair, you will want to experiment with your color choices and find out what works best for you. If pink looks simply blah on you but ivory looks outstanding, then of course that’s the way you will want to go. Just remember that we are all beautiful in our own unique manner and that there’s a sweater, shirt, blouse, hat, or dress out there that’s got your particular name on it.