7 Efficient Ways to Reduce Back Pain and Improve Your Posture


5. Pay Attention to Your Clothes and Accessories

It’s not a secret that every woman spares no efforts to look beautiful and stylish. When you are satisfied with your appearance and style, you feel more confident. Unfortunately, there are some clothes and accessories that are hurtful to the body. We can hardly find a woman who never wears high heels, even though they load our spine with extra work causing its curvature. Handbag is also an indispensable part of our style and we can’t leave our home without it.

Nevertheless, we rarely think that a heavy handbag or a rucksack, which we wear on our shoulders may be a reason for our back pain. Ultimately, you will have difficulties with your tendons, ligaments and joints. If you’ve decided to buy a new hand bag, try to choose the one of a medium size. While wearing this accessory don’t forget to change its placement from one arm to another.

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