7 Efficient Ways to Reduce Back Pain and Improve Your Posture


3. Maintain Your Posture When You Sit

Sitting is the most frequent posture for all people. In this position we usually do numerous things without realizing that it can lead to different health problems. When you sit for a long time, your core (the muscles that embrace the front of your stomach area and the low back) performs protective function stabilizing the vertebra.

If these muscles are used very often, they will finally become exhausted and you’ll find yourself slumping that may have a ruinous effect on other parts of your body. No matter what you do, it will be nice if you take a comfortable position. Make sure you place your feet and knees at 90 degree angles and your chair props up your low back. It is also necessary to control the distance between your body and your workplace so that it shouldn’t bring tension.

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