10 Effective Ways to Cover a Blemish

10 Effective Ways to Cover a Blemish

8. Use a Creamy Foundation

Liquid foundation will not offer the volume you need to cover a blemish, so go for something with more substance. A creamy foundation of medium weight is the best option, though you can use any foundation you have. Apply it to your blemish with a brush to get better control and then pat it with your index finger to blend everything together.

In fact, all the foundations are of different textures and different types and it’s important to choose the right foundation, depending on many things like the occasion, the level of coverage required, or the skin type. If you are a woman with dry skin, you should opt for cream and liquid foundations. It’s recommended to apply the cream foundation with a damp makeup sponge.

Firstly, you need to damp the sponge a little bit and then take the needed amount of foundation on the sponge. If you have a square sponge, you’d better take the foundation on the edge of your sponge. Start from the jaw line area and near the ears. Then follow up with putting on the foreheads, the nose area, the chin and the neck area. You will like the result that you will see.

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