10 Effective Ways to Cover a Blemish

10 Effective Ways to Cover a Blemish

6. Pit Dark against Light

Use light and shadow to your advantage to make your blemishes less noticeable. After putting on makeup, a blemish may still be visible because it is raised from the surface of your skin. This is where the shadow effect comes in handy. To lessen the appearance of a blemish, apply a lighter concealer underneath the zit, where the shadow usually falls, before putting on your powder.

You should apply the powder right after the concealer and foundation to give the brighter look to the makeup. You need to dip the brush in the powder and pat it removing any excess. Also you can blow on the brush if you wish. Don’t apply powder to the entire face to avoid having a caked-up face, apply it only to your blemish, or press the brush into the skin under the eyes and in a line from your forehead, down the nose to the chin. When you are choosing the powder, you should always be attentive and always check if a powder matches your skin.

The most effective way to do it is to put some powder on your skin; the right shade will quickly disappear into your skin. Don’t opt for lighter or darker shades of powder.