10 Effective Ways to Cover a Blemish


3. Highlight

If you highlight your face you make your skin glow, but make sure the color of the product that you use to highlight your face with is the same color of your skin tone, and be sure to avoid using a darker tone. You’d better choose your concealer really carefully.

With the help of highlighter and contour, you can accentuate some features of your face. You can make a nose look narrower or bring out your cheekbones, if you have an accent on this parts of your face, no one will notice your blemishes. Use a highlighting pencil or highlighting cream to color the blemish in and make it lighter.

Go over that with a thick concealer about one half of an inch from the center of the blemish and blend the highlighter and concealer together to create a smooth, even tone. This will lessen the color difference between the blemish and the surrounding skin. Apply a little bit of a translucent powder to your blemish, but don’t overdo it. The powder will blend into your skin tone and create a more natural look. Stay relaxed and no one will know that you have some skin problems until you tell them.