10 Effective Ways to Cover a Blemish

10 Effective Ways to Cover a Blemish

10. Use the Blemish

If you have just one blemish, you may be able to use it to your advantage by turning it into a beauty mark. A dark brown eye pencil will usually do the trick. People don’t remember every detail of your face so, if the blemish is not too big, this technique will work well, of course, if you meet new people. Chances are, your family, friends and coworkers will notice that it’s not a beauty mark. Moreover, this trick won’t work if you have a few blemishes. This is where you need to follow the aforementioned tips on how to cover a blemish.

Blemishes can be embarrassing, but careful application of makeup and anti-inflammatory products can go a long way to lessening their appearance. As with any makeup routine, covering a blemish starts with a good foundation. Personally I don’t use any foundation and powder in my everyday makeup routine, BB cream is what I need to make my skin look beautiful.

But I always keep a bottle of high-quality foundation and powder in my makeup bag, in case I will need to cover my blemishes. No matter what your imperfections are, you can look beautiful daily. Just take your time and follow the tips above to get an outstanding result.