10 Easy Steps to Toned Legs


7. Heel lifts

We’ve gone through several exercises that target your upper legs, but what about your lower legs? Heel lifts are very useful for targeting ankles and calves. To do them, you need to start in a sitting position with your back straight and both feet on the floor. Lift the heel of one of your feet while keeping your toes on the ground. Hold for a count of 5 or so and then repeat for your other foot.

To enhance the result, try to accomplish the exercise in a standing position. Use chair or any stable surface to keep balance. Since this is a very simple activity, you’d better do several sets of 40-50 repetitions.

There are some crucial mistakes that can stop you from reaching your fitness goal. Usually, people try to do this exercise as fast as possible in order to move to the more effective exercise, as they think. But, heel lifts must be done slowly. Count to five to recognize the endurance of the lifting. Yeah, it’s quite difficult, I know it! The second mistake concerns the height. Don’t try to stand up on your toes like a ballerina on her pointers! It won’t benefit to your muscles but can cause breaks and injuries.