10 Easy Steps to Toned Legs


4. Step-ups

Step-ups are another effective and easy glute and quad exercise. All you need is a raised, flat surface that you can step up on to. An exercise bench is great if you have one, but you can definitely improvise with household items.

Start by placing one foot on the bench, and then, with your arms by your sides, transfer your weight, straighten the leg, and step all the way up. Alternate the leg each time you step up. Try to do it for about 50 times with 3 or 4 sets. But if you are the beginner, start with only one set of 30 times. Use barbells and dumbbells to intensify your workout.

Breathing is a crucial part of this activity. However, opinions differ as for when you should inhale and exhale. I suggest you to find your own comfortable pace and way of breathing. Another way to make the exercise more useful is by pushing your second leg when you are up.

It won’t be too hard even for the beginner. However, be careful with this exercise if you have any knee problems since it produces great pressure on your knees and may cause serious injuries.