10 Easy Steps to Toned Legs


3. Squats

Looking specifically to tone up those quads and glutes? You can use squats to target the muscles in your thighs and your butt. To do a squat properly, you need to start with your legs about shoulder width apart.

Bend your knees and focus on holding your weight by using your thighs rather than by putting pressure on your knees. My couch always tells me to imagine as if I’m trying to sit down on an invisible chair.

When done properly, your knees should never creep out past your toes during a squat. In fact, there are different types of squats. One of the most difficult ways to do squats is body weight jump squat. Place your hands at the back of your head and stretch your elbows.

Try to jump as high as possible and squat at once you land. The exercise may seem childish to you, but trust me, at the beginning you will hardly accomplish 10 times! This exercise will help tone your calves and front and back of thighs.

Watch your breathing: inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouse. Breathe deep. When you feel the slightest signs of burning pain in your lunges, take a short break. If you want to strengthen your butt, give a try to pistol squats. No, you don’t have to jump.

Just raise your leg and hold it in parallel with the floor when you are down. Balance is the main trick here. Try braced squats with barbells or dumbbells to achieve your fitness goal faster.