11 Easy and Cheap Christmas Crafts


8. Felt holly corsage

Are you looking to craft something unique for this Christmas but don’t have time? Well, try this cheerful corsage that requires only several on-hand materials and takes a few minutes to make – great for both you and your children. You will need wool felt, about 18 by 18 inches, in different colors, ribbon, holly template, hot-glue gun, iron, assorted embellishments and a brooch pin or barrette.

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Start with printing the template and cutting out. Cut out one 2 ½ by 5-inch felt rectangle for every pair of leaves, and fold it in half lengthwise. Now crease it with an iron set to wool.

Trace the template using a folded rectangle and cut out the shape. Unfold your rectangle. In order to make the four-leaf design, cross 2 felt shapes and attach at the center using a low-temp glue gun.

For the two-leaf design, dab a little glue at the center of one felt shape and fold it angling the leaves. Now, glue desired embellishments to the front and a barrette or a bar pin to the back.