15 Clothing Colors to Wear More Often


9. Teal

This color is perfect for those who cannot choose between green and blue! Brunettes, blondes and even redheads look gorgeous in this unique shade of blue-green. It will look gentle and feminine on both pale and chocolate skin. Teal is created to emphasize the color of your eyes.

Teal dresses appear in various forms and styles. This is the unmissable color for vacation, beach party and date. I recommend you to avoid wearing this color at work, as it can prevent you from concentrating on the task. If you want to look charming without great efforts, put on a teal dress, add a couple of massive bracelets and do your hair up.

Although teal is a beautiful and rich color on its own, it’s even more beautiful as a print, especially a paisley print. You can pair teal with more neutral colors such as chocolate brown, camel or golden. Even though teal is associated with rest and sea, I would recommend you to try some teal elements in winter: gloves, scarfs, hats and bags are all at your disposal. Such bright spots in your outfit will alleviate the spleen and melancholy and make your look original and extraordinary. Try your creativeness and enjoy it!