15 Clothing Colors to Wear More Often


8. Bright blue

While this clothing color is bright and bold, it’s perfect for most skin tones, unlike other bright colors like lime green. If you decide to wear blue for your interview, you’ve got the right idea! Blue associates with peace and wisdom, confidence and rationality. That’s the features a good worker has to possess. Furthermore, it is proved experimentally that blue will double your chances to get the job.

Moreover, bright blue is a wonderful after-five color and it works great for everything from dresses, basic tees, pants to wool coats. Combine blue with white and cream clothes and bold lipsticks to create a fantastic look. It’s one of the colors I recommend you to wear in summer. It will add some freshness and naturalness to your image. When sitting in a stuffy office, look at you blue dress and recall the warm sea and your vacation. Be careful, blue color intensify nostalgic mood!

You can also wear bright blue accessories. They will cheer your business look. They say that blue can develop your creativeness and fantasy. So the next time you get puzzled over your project try on a blue dress, it may really work!

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