15 Clothing Colors to Wear More Often


7. Brown

Although brown may sound a little boring, I personally like this color. It can easily be paired with almost any color, and it compliments almost every skin tone. But I love how it suits my swarthy skin! There is a mass of brown shades from white coffee to almost black. That’s why you can easily pick up one that suits you most. You can wear brown from one season to another. It goes perfectly with trendy leopard prints, and pairs greatly with denim. Brown leather jackets and coats look more natural and attractive. Brown color often means that a natural coloring agent was used, thus you have minimum chances to irritate your skin.

In fact, I associate brown with everything that deals with nature: wood and earth, skin and birthmarks, fur and wool, coffee and chocolate… That’s the reason I love it. Brown might seem boring in the office, but it sends a sense of classic style. Usually, brown is the choice of practical people who prefer stable and steady life, have strong family connections and crave for simplicity. However, try not to overdo with brown since it can cause melancholy and depressive vein that you don’t need at all!