15 Clothing Colors to Wear More Often


3. Navy blue

This color is also often called indigo. Every woman looks amazing in navy blue. Although navy blue was very popular in the early 90s, this color is making a massive comeback these days. Fortunately, navy blue looks great on most of us, because blue sends a message of safety, comfort and accountability. And that’s the very reason why most uniforms all over the world are made of this tint.

I love to pair it with white and cream colors, and it also goes awesome with my tan. Choose a stripped model and complete it with anchor themed earrings and you will create an outstanding marine look. It is an ideal choice for a date in hot summer evening! If you decide on light fabrics, you will create a contrast with this deep and saturated color and your outfit will look even more original. You are required to take a pair of navy blue costumes when going on a voyage.

Indigo is a cool and astringent color, thus it is perfect for a work time. It will help you to purify your mind from importunate thoughts and concentrate on your tasks. I wouldn’t recommend you to wear this color at home since you need to create warm and cozy atmosphere at home. Navy blue may be somewhat too strict.