15 Clothing Colors to Wear More Often


14. Pink

It seems that I don’t know a woman who dislikes pink! We can earnestly call pink the color of youth, femininity and tenderness. They often say that pink is a favorite color of light-minded people, but I strongly deny it! I believe that pink symbolizes pure kindness and innocence.

Pink adds a fresh glow to all women who wear it. I don’t recommend you to wear this color head-to-toe, but pink is better worn in small doses. For example, you can wear a pink scarf or a pink tee. You can also mix pink with neutral colors and denim. Pink cocktail dresses are perfect for parties and weddings.

Let’s find out how to wear pink and not look like a juvenile princess. Firstly, try to combine pink colors with rough elements. Mix satin pink blouse and black boots, for example. Secondly, choose the tint that will perfectly suits you. Don’t be obsessed with neon tint if it doesn’t work for you. Try to combine pink clothing with leather. Even a small bracelet will make you look more grow-up. Try also biker leather jackets or leather skirt. I would also recommend you to wear pink as a supplementary color but not the main one. These simple tips will help you to avoid a flop with pink color.

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