15 Clothing Colors to Wear More Often


13. Coral

Bright red and bright orange are great colors, but not perfect for most occasions. Coral is a soft color that you can wear daily. It looks beautiful with tan, deep skin tones as well as a fair skin. Coral is great for any season and it mixes well with other mid-tone bright colors including turquoise, grey and blue. Coral dresses, pants, jeans and coats are all great options. By combining coral clothing with various accessories you can create romantic, business or casual looks in no time. Moreover, you can paint your nails coral to set off the beauty of your hands.

I love to combine my coral jeans with stripped loose t-shirt and sandals. I also love to wear my little black dress with patent leather coral high heels. A coral handbag and skittish teal dress will be ideal for a romantic evening. For everyday look choose a loose shirt, white trousers and metallic shoes. Just add a bit of coral accessories.

Coral is great for parties, dates, vacations, but if you tend to wear coral at work, choose strict jackets and blouses without ruche, insets and striking prints. Otherwise, you might end up looking unprofessional and your boss will definitely notice it.