15 Clothing Colors to Wear More Often


10. Burgundy

Great for drama, maroon or burgundy is a show stopper, ideal for any occasion. You can mix burgundy pieces with luxurious prints such as paisleys, brocades, or silk stripes for a more regal look. This color will emphasize the richness of your brown or red hair. You should also try it if you have hazel, emerald or dark brown eyes. I love wearing this color in fall and winter. It creates unspeakable romantic mood. Its rich tint makes an impression of strong character, success and well-being. However, I used to associate this color with warmth, sentimental feelings and precious memories of my life. For an outstanding look, combine a burgundy wool pullover, camel coat and brown gloves. Complete your image with golden jewellery and nice perfume. Or, you can choose career separates using maroon as a neutral. Try mixing it with colors such as cream and butternut. Burgundy looks marvelous and royal on both delicate and rough fabrics, so you can enjoy this color all over the year. Finally, I would recommend you to avoid combining this tint with black, grey and dark blue. Your look may appear too ponderous.