9 Cheap Ways to Celebrate Christmas with Kids


4. Coupon books

Take some heavyweight paper and cut 8 pieces. Give them to your kids and ask to write some chores on them. The tasks should be according to their age and abilities so that they can cope with them willingly and without your participation. Then turn to the decoration of the coupons. Here you are free to invent whatever you or your kids can. They may draw pictures, stick ready-made decorations on each paper. But don`t forget to write the name whom you are going to present it and kid`s names on the top coupon.

Then make holes on the left side of the coupons with a hole puncher and tie them together. Use a colorful ribbon and make a nice bow on it. Children may give such books to each other if you have more than one as well as to close relatives, friends, or even neighbors. The task may be of various kinds like washing dishes, walking a dog or raking leaves, etc.

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