51 Real Ways to Earn Money


41. Make gardening

If you are good at gardening, then it’s a great way to earn money! No matter whether you are good at growing fruits, vegetables or even flowers, you can use your talent to make some cash. Set up a roadside stand and you’ll do a little bit of business, because today most people want to buy fresh vegetables, fruits, and flowers!

42. Try a trade show

If you have many things of your own to sell, a trade show is another way to make money. Nowadays lots of people visit a great variety of trade shows, which you really shouldn’t fail. But at first, you have to do your research in order to know that you follow all the rules and your products are appropriate.

43. Become a demonstrator

There are so many girls hovering around the fragrance and cosmetics counters in the shopping mall and so many boys giving away the free samples of different things in the supermarket. Sometimes they are so annoying, but they actually make money. You can earn money in the same way! Don’t want to be a demonstrator? Keep reading I have some other ways to make extra money.

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44. Sell your old jewelry

Although it is just a one time deal, selling old jewelry is another best way to make money. If you’re keeping your jewelry for no real reason, why not get a decent amount of extra cash from it? Recently I received $600 for selling a few old items!

45. Get a job in market research

Today market research is one of the best and easiest ways to earn money. There are plenty of different positions, especially in terms of weight loss and insomnia. But don’t forget to check the small print! It’s very important!

46. Workout for money

If you are in a great shape and you like to work out, then another best way to earn money is to help other people to get fit too. You can be a personal trainer at the gym or even at home. While training someone else, you’re not only making money, but you’re also keeping yourself fit!

47. Make money from your favorite sport

If you like golf, tennis or some other sports, you can easily make money at the places they are played. Ball boys and girls, caddies, and so on, actually make quite a bit of cash, but if you like the sport, this could be a great choice!

48. Rent out your spare room

Renting out a spare room is also a great way to make money. Actually you can earn extra cash even given the extra power and water that can be a chunk each month. This way of making money is perfect for those who have the spare room to offer a renter.

49. Rent out your driveway

You might think that this way of making money is weird, but trust me it’s possible. You can’t think how much money you can earn by renting out your driveway, especially if you don’t use all of it. It’s better to rent your driveway for parking during tourist seasons, especially in the summer time!

50. Opt for seasonal work

Finally, seasonal work is the last great way to earn extra money. I can say from my own experience that seasonal work can be still paid well. During the holiday season most stores often need some extra help. Of course, it’s just a part time job, but you can still earn a surprising amount of money.

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51. Deliver newspapers

Delivering papers is an easy way to earn additional income in your spare time. If you don’t mind waking up early in the morning, this is a great way to make money whether you are studying full time, working a 9 to 5 job, or are unemployed and looking for ways to make some extra money.

These are all the best and easiest ways to earn extra money. And with many of them you can work without leaving your house. If you need to pay off debt, if you want to start saving for buying a car, or if you want to have some extra money, you can always use these best ways to earn money. Do you think any of these ways will work for you? Do you know some other ways to make extra money? Share your thoughts, please!