11 Best Christmas Party Games


5. Black magic

If you don’t know how to entertain your guests during the festive evening I suggest you to play a Black magic game. It should be conducted by no more than two people. Let them perform some tricks.

For example, enable them to read the thoughts of other guests. One of the partners leaves the room while the other asks the guests to point out anything in the room.

When the partner comes back he must name the object which was chosen by the guest. In such way the player shows his ability to read people’s minds.

The player points to different things in the room and his partner should tell if they were chosen by the guests. It lasts until a black object is pointed to.

The object which is near the black one will be the correct choice. The main rule of the game which must be remembered is that the chosen object should always follow something black.

You will see that your guests can be greatly fascinated with such game. I’m convinced that nobody can find out your secret.

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