11 Best Christmas Party Games


3. Who said it?

The minimum number of participants which is necessary for this game must be at least 4 people. Before starting the game provide all the people with sheets of paper and a pen.

They should sit in a circle. After two players are to be chosen and appointed as the Question Master and the Guesser. When the game starts the Question Master will ask the others some questions.

The participants put down their answers on the sheets of paper they have. The only person who doesn’t write the answer is the Guesser. Then the Question Master takes all answers and mixes them together.

The next step of the game is to pick up any answer and read it out. That is also done by the Question Master.

The task of the Guesser is to guess who is the author of each answer. One correct guess is awarded with one point.

When it comes to the next round the Question Master should be changed and become the Guesser. Each player should be the Guesser during the game. That participant who has the most correct guesses is the winner.

Examples of the questions:

  1. Which things would you like to take to a desert island?
  2. What famous person would you invite to go on a date?
  3. Which food would you choose to eat till the rest of your life?

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