11 Best Christmas Party Games


2. Alphabet talk

To play this game your guests need to be divided into 2 teams. The representative of each team writes the topic for discussion and put it into a hat.

You can choose any topic you like. When the game starts one team takes the topic from the hat while another team tells them any letter from the alphabet.

The main point of this game is to start discussion of the topic with a sentence which begins with the letter mentioned. The player who continues conversation should start the sentence with next letter of the alphabet. It will last till you come back to the letter from which everything began.

For instance, if the topic of your discussion is shopping and the letter to start with is “D” you can begin with the following sentence” Do you mind go shopping today?” and continue “Enormous smart dress would be a great choice for me.”

You should keep on discussing until you come to the letter “D” again. That team which manages to complete the alphabet talk in a short time will be the winner.

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