Healthy Skin: 7 Great Benefits of Regular Exfoliation


7. Get a closer shave

Well, shaving with a dull razor is a bad idea, right? However, shaving dull skin is also one of the biggest beauty mistakes. If you want to get a closer shave, try exfoliating your skin beforehand. It will help remove any dead skin cells that clog up the razor blades, and give you a clean and smooth shave. Apply your moisturizer and you are ready to make guys fall in love with your beautiful legs.

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You might not know but there are three types of exfoliation: chemical, enzyme and manual. If you don’t like traditional scrubs, look into doing an enzyme exfoliation. My personal choice is manual. I love experimenting with DIY facial and body scrubs and use all-natural ingredients only. No only do I save my cash, I also avoid applying harsh chemicals to my body. Do you exfoliate your skin regularly? Do you think regular exfoliation is a must?