10 Beauty Tips for Using Apple Cider Vinegar


10. After-Sun Treatment

Spending a few hours a day in direct sunlight is essential for good health and allows your body to produce vitamin D. Apple cider vinegar makes an effective after-sun treatment in case you happen to overdo it. Place a bottle of vinegar in the fridge until chilled. Soak a washcloth in vinegar, and then apply to burned skin. Alternatively, you could fill a spray bottle with vinegar, and spray directly onto the skin.

Apple cider vinegar is a safe, inexpensive way to boost your beauty regime using a natural ingredient. If you cannot find raw vinegar in your area, you can make your own using scraps from your kitchen. Fill a large jar with apple cores and peels, and then top up with water.

Cover with a cheese cloth before leaving to ferment for about two months. Strain the vinegar into a sterilised bottle, and then enjoy your own raw, unfiltered organic apple cider vinegar. Do you have any other beauty tips for using apple cider vinegar?