10 Beauty Secrets Teen Girls Should Know


10. Don’t overdo the makeup

Teens probably hate hearing grown-ups telling them over and over again that a little makeup goes a long way. This is, indeed, the truth and it’s one that won’t change with age. When you wear too much makeup, people only notice that you’re a girl ‘wearing too much makeup.’ They aren’t likely to notice the beauty hiding underneath the cake of foundation, powder, and sludge of eye liner. You only need a little bit of makeup to highlight your features and this little bit goes a long way to enhancing your natural appearance.

Nowadays most teenage girls tend to wear a bright makeup and it’s actually a huge mistake. When I was a teen, bright eyeshadows and bold lipsticks were my best friends, but I didn’t notice that such a makeup made me look clownish. Avoid making the same mistakes I did by following the aforementioned tips.