10 Awesome Home Beauty Tips to Follow


8. Natural Sunburn Relief

For sunburned skin, apply apple vinegar, cold green tea or cucumber juice to the afflicted areas. Aloe vera is also excellent for sunburn, and the aloe vera serum is especially soothing. Mix the aloe vera serum with lemon juice for added sunburn relief. Applying raw potato slices to sunburn affected areas also brings relief.

9. Under Eye Puffiness Reducer

Even if you have had a good night’s sleep, you may sometimes face the morning with under eye bags that appear sufficiently large enough to pack for a week’s vacation. To relieve under eye puffiness, lie back, relax and apply cold cucumber slices over your closed eyelids. Another remedy for bags under your eyes is a mixture of cucumber juice and lemon juice applied once every day. You can also relieve under eye puffiness by applying coconut oil under your eyes every night before going to bed.