11 Signs That Your House Could Be Haunted


6. Who Is Watching Me?

Usually when you feel as though someone is watching you, you are right. For instance, you could be sitting reading a book in the living room, and feel compelled to look up only to find your son or daughter has been looking at you. How would you feel if you looked up and there was nobody there watching you? If you enjoy watching paranormal TV shows and documentaries, you may have noticed that many people whose homes are or were allegedly haunted claim to have had a feeling of being watched. Of course, feeling watched doesn’t necessarily mean that your house is haunted. It could just be the result of an over-active imagination. However, if the feeling always occurs in a certain area of your home, it may be caused by a spirit or entity.

7. Psychokinetic Phenomena

Have you ever seen the television turn on automatically? Have you watched plates fly through the air? Have you witnessed drawers or doors opening and closing? Have you watched furniture move across a room? Have you felt someone sit down on the sofa next to you, or noticed your bed shake on its own? These are all examples of psychokinetic phenomena. Psychokinetic phenomena are indicative of an acute haunting. Skeptics struggle to find a ration explanation for such occurrences.

8. Temperature Changes

You might have noticed that paranormal investigators who visit haunted locations on TV shows often talk about finding cold spots in a room. Some people believe that cold spots or radical temperature changes with no apparent cause are indicative of paranormal activity. Are there unnaturally cold places in your home? If so, it could be evidence of a haunting. Once again, you should look for rational explanations for the temperature change before you decide that your house is haunted.

9. Strange Odors

Some people believe that unfamiliar odors in a home can be attributed to paranormal activity. For instance, someone whose home is haunted might smell the odor of burning pipe tobacco in their home despite the fact that nobody smokes. You might also smell cologne that nobody wears, or bread baking when the oven is turned off. If you smell an odor and you cannot place the origin, try to rule out natural explanations. A cooking smell, for example, could be wafting in through your window from your neighbor’s home.

10. Don’t Touch Me

Have you ever felt someone touch you on the arm, hair, leg or shoulder only to find there was nobody there? Have you ever been poked, shoved, brushed against or prodded by something unseen? Has something or someone grabbed at your clothes so that you couldn’t move freely? Have you suddenly felt an unexplainable pain and then noticed bites, scratches or bruises on your body? Paranormal phenomena that involve being physically touched by something unseen are more frightening and physically dangerous than the rest. Fortunately such occurrences are also very rare.

11. Physical Manifestations

Most hauntings do not involve sightings of physical manifestations or entities. However, some people have reported seeing ghostly shapes or figures. The entity may appear as a vague mist, it could be partially transparent, or it might be as solid and opaque as a human being. Physical manifestations of entities may suddenly disappear before your very eyes, or gradually fade from view.

Do you have these signs at your house? If yes, tell us about it.