7 Effective Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary


Ways to improve vocabulary are easy to find. Today a lot of people look for effective ways to improve their vocabulary. Why? Because our language is a very rich language, and it’d be great to know as much words of it as possible. Besides, improving your vocabulary reduces the probability of embarrassment when you don’t understand what someone is talking about! Here is a list of 7 most effective ways to improve your vocabulary.

1. Reading

Improving your vocabulary is easier the more extensively you read. Find a time to read a lot of challenging books and articles. If you can’t read such kind of books, you can read whatever you like! New words can be in all kinds of books, that’s why try to not miss an opportunity to broaden your knowledge.

2. Newspapers

Reading at least one intellectual newspaper is another effective way to improve your vocabulary. Newspapers include a plenty of “big words,” especially on specific topics such as finance and economics. Read a few articles, note down any new words, and try to remember them.

3. Crosswords

Do you like crosswords? Have you ever thought that it is a great way to expand your vocabulary? Even if you don’t like crosswords try to solve at least one crossword every week. Can’t solve a crossword? Wait until you can access the answers. If you haven’t seen some words before, then you’ve just added a few new words to your vocabulary!

4. Dictionary

One of my favorite ways to improve vocabulary is random dictionary. Just flick through and open the dictionary at a random page. Even if you know most of the words, there will be at least a few that you’ve never encountered before. It’s very interesting to see how many words you don’t know!

5. Online resources

The internet is a perfect way to expand your vocabulary, and there are many of websites dedicated to improving your knowledge of the English language. Just browse a little and see what you can add to your vocabulary!

6. Writing down new words

One of the most effective ways to improve vocabulary is to write down any new words that you encounter. No one knows all words in the language, so there is always something to learn. Keep a notebook, write down all unfamiliar words, and then try to remember them.

7. Thesaurus

If you don’t have a thesaurus, you should think about investing in one, because it’s a great way to improve your vocabulary. Just look up words, which are similar in meaning to others. You may also use some online resources. The thesaurus feature in Word is greatly useful as well.

Developing your vocabulary is also a good way to exercise your mind. People often learn a foreign language and add to their vocabulary new words forgetting about expanding the knowledge of their native language! Do you want to improve your vocabulary? How are you going to do that? Share your thoughts, please!